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OMG-1 FOX O.M.G. Kaimano Fox Knives в Санкт-Петербурге

Fox KnivesБренд

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Артикул: OMG-1
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Бренд:Fox Knives

Полное описание

Длина клинка Марка стали N690Co
Твердость стали HRC 58-60
Рукоять FORPRENE® and 420 Марка стали hammer

Длина клинка
Общая длина
  14 cm        5.51 ”
  26 cm      10.23 ”
    6 mm       0.24 ”
300 g         10.58 oz

The Ножны can be attached to a respirator using the integrated MOLLE system.
The KAIMANO is one of the best diving/combat knives in use today.

FOX O.M.G. KAIMANO Italian Navy Special Operation Unit Combat/Diving knife KAIMANO is the exclusivity model of Italian Navy Special Operation Unit, it has built following their strict specification.
The knife develop with O.M.G. company that is one of the leading suppliers in Italy of diving material for the military, has been tested very strictly in several conditions, it has been kept for more than one month inside sea water to can test corrosion and at the end has been selected like the official knife. All the feature of the лезвие has been studied from the Unit, we have followed their request for production of the knife and of the Ножны that is applied in their respirators using MOLLE system place on the back side of the Ножны. One of the best diving/combat knife actually used in the field.
Gun Metal

Нож фокс OMG-1 FOX O.M.G. Kaimano Fox Knives (Auto) — вы можете приобрести в Санкт-Петербурге, через наш официальный сайт — интернет магазин Fox Knives по выгодной цене нашей компании по почте zakaz@foxknives.ru с быстрой доставкой в Санкт-Петербурге и по всей России.

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